Dog Procedure Prices

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CASH ONLY - We do not accept checks, credit, or debit cards.

Rates Effective July 14, 2014

We only do surgery on dogs 5 years and younger.

Surgical Procedures
 NeuterUnder 40 lbs.$6040 to 70 lbs.$75 
Over 70 lbs. $1 extra per lb. over 70 lbs.  
 SpayUnder 40 lbs.$6540 to 70 lbs $90 
Over 70 lbs. $1 extra per lb. over 70 lbs.  
Note:                                      Additional charges for in heat, pregnant, obese, and retained testicles.
 Rabies$12 (with surgery)$18 (without surgery)  
 DHPP (5 in 1) $25 (with surgery) $25 (without surgery)  
 Bordetella (Kennel Cough) $25 (with surgery)$25 (without surgery)  
Screening Tests
Heartworm (Heartguard medication available - prices vary by weight)

Heartworm Test: $30

 Heartworm/Ehrlichia/Lyme: $35  

    Fecal Test:   $20  
Additional Services
 Nail Trim w/surgery$10 Nail Trim w/o surgery   $20                                         Fecal$20 
 Dew Claw Removal with SterilizationAsk for a quote at checkin        

 Teeth Cleaning - Start at $150 for small dogs & $175 for large dogs - Extractions start at $10

We only do surgery/teeth cleaning on dogs 5 years old and younger unless presurgical bloodwork has been done.

 Health Certificate$35 Pain Injection - $15 Dogs over 60# $20-25Frontline $15 
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